OKC residents can place branches and limbs by the curb for collection 

Oklahoma City residents can begin putting tree branches and limbs that were downed by the ice storm within 10 feet of their curb. Residents are asked to cut limbs into segments no longer than 12-feet. 

Please avoid placing debris over water meters and gas meters. Keep the debris pile away from mailboxes, vehicles, trees, power lines and telephone poles. 

The first round of storm debris collection is expected to begin in parts of the City the week of December 7. Crews will only collect tree debris with this special free collection. 

“We want to give residents ample time to get their tree limbs to the curb, so a second round of storm debris collection will take place a few weeks later,” said Solid Waste Superintendent Jim Linn.  

Big junk will still be collected according to the normal schedule. Residents scheduled for big junk collection are required to keep their tree debris separated from their big junk. The piles will be collected by separate crews. Normal bulk waste rules apply, which means no household hazardous waste or items that contain refrigerant.


Community Trees

Hope everyone had a safe and an enjoyable holiday. Regarding residential trees in Valencia – it has been noted that a number of residents have experienced personal tree damage this past week. The HOA will allow reasonable time to get the trees trimmed and or replaced which is recommended sometime during the first of the New Year to April. A standard tree audit was completed in late August to observe any missing or dead trees among the residents and the HOA is scheduled to send correspondence to the recorded list in time. The HOA usually works with a nursery to help aid with the prices of trees for Ideal residents, and we are currently speaking to a couple of nurseries to continue those efforts. You may visit the link below to review the Valencia Tree Covenant:


Regarding the common area trees in Valencia – a crew has been notified to clean up any limb debris from the pedestrian walkways or trails. They will organize and pile up the limbs this week and then come back soon to retrieve the piles as soon as the turf is dry enough not to cause more damage.

Please feel free to e-mail info@valenicahoa.net if you have any questions regarding trees in Valencia.

Thank you – stay safe.

2015 HOA Gathering

I would like to invite you to join me at the 2015 Valencia Home Owners Association Informational and Social Event on August 20th, from 6:00PM to 8:00PM 

The gathering will take place at Park Central, located in Valencia. The purpose of the event is to have the opportunity for the community to meet one another and provide you with community information. You may come and go as you please or stick around to ask questions. The community informational packet will be available to pick up under the pavilion closest to the splashpad. Food and a beverage will be provided and plan to bring chairs or blankets if you would like to stick around.

Please note, if the weather interferes with our event, we will move to the Ideal Homes Infinity Model located on the east side of the community at 2116 NW 182nd Street. You may review updated information on Valencia’s website www.valenciahoa.net.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please contact me at rgreen@ideal-homes.com. Please make an effort to attend for it is important to you and your community.

NW 178th Entrance Update

Per the OKC hired contractor, “the entrance is now estimated to be closed additional days (weather pending) for full completion rather than short periods of opening it and closing it.”

Community Entrance NW 178th & Andalucía

The contractor working with Oklahoma City Street Department contacted the Ideal Homes Valencia Production Manager and notified him that the entrance at NW 178th and Andalucía will be closed tomorrow 3.17.15. We were informed it will be for one day. If the HOA receives further information regarding the entrance construction, it will be posted here.

Thank you.