Common Area Fence Replacement Project – Phase I WIP

As you may noticed, phase I of the Valencia Common Area Fence Replacement Project is under way.

This week Cavins Construction will be working on replacing the fence located off of the NW 178th entry and near the intersection of NW 180th and Andalucía illustrated below in link.

Valencia Common Area Fence Replacement Project PHASE I

Please expect the following: take down old fence, pull out old post, reset new post, put up temp fence, let new post cure, stick-build new fence.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to

Common Area Fence Replacement Project

Hello – thank you for visiting the HOA website to find updated information in your community. The HOA has recently sent out the below attached letter regarding the multi-phase common area fence replacement project.

I wanted to post additional information on this website of the next step. Within a two week window, the homeowners that back up to common area fencing along with phase I, will receive another letter explaining what to expect and some pointers during the fence replacement project. For example, during the replacement of the common area fence, please secure all valuables that may been seen in the back yard for a very short period of time until new 6′ fence is re-installed. Also if you have a pet that remains outdoors, please let the HOA know that way we can communicate to the fence provider to be aware of pets.

There are plans to install 6′ temporary fencing while the new fence post set overnight.

Please e-mail with questions you may have.

Major Fence Replacement Phase I

2017 HOA Dues

Welcome to the New Year.

If you’re here to pay your 2017 HOA Dues using PayPal, please click “FINANCIAL” above.

If you would like to pay by check, please mail to:

Valencia HOA | 1320 North Porter Ave. | Norman, OK 73071

Due Date is February 17th, 2017.

Thank you.

Valencia Entry Beds Along May and Penn

Back in July we posted information regarding utility work taken place amongst various entry ways in Valencia that prohibited us from planting seasonal vegetation.

We are now at the point where we are going to spruce up the entry ways that were impacted by the utility work. Our plan is clearing out any dead vegetation and replace with new and various seasonal plantings.

Penn Entry and Frontage Utility Work