Common Area Fence Storm Damage

I hope all is safe from last night’s storm.

The HOA has been in contact with several homeowners regarding common area fence damage in Valencia.

There will be a fence crew in Valencia today inspecting and repairing the common area fence damage today through the week.

If you notice or have damaged common area fencing (6′ wood fence between brick columns), then please send your address to

Thank you.

2016 HOA Dues

Welcome to the New Year.

If you’re here to pay your 2016 HOA Dues using PayPal, please click “FINANCIAL” above.

If you would like to pay by check, please mail to:

Valencia HOA | 1320 North Porter Ave. | Norman, OK 73071

Due Date is February 16th, 2016.

Thank you.

Community Residential Tree Update

Regarding Damaged Residential Trees – the HOA has been visiting with a few landscape nurseries regarding our recent ice storm and tree damage. The three below nurseries have agreed to offer Ideal Homes residents a discounted price to replace their damage trees:

Tony’s Tree Plantation 405-455-7700 or

Terra Scapes 405-228-0003 or

Marcum’s Nursery 405-288-2368 or

Please note prices may vary per product and Nursery. Please contact one or all to obtain specific details and pricing. Make sure you inform that you live in an Ideal Homes community and you have experienced tree damage from the recent ice storm.

The automatically approved trees for your community are Elm, Ball Cypress, Cottonless Cotton, Pistache, Red Bud, or Oak. If you would like something outside this list or changing the location of your tree planting, please make sure you go through the proper DRB process and contact us at

As you may know or will be instructed, the best time to plant your tree is from now until early May depending on weather. The Association is scheduled to conduct its standard tree audit next August or September 2016.

Thank you.

OKC residents can place branches and limbs by the curb for collection 

Oklahoma City residents can begin putting tree branches and limbs that were downed by the ice storm within 10 feet of their curb. Residents are asked to cut limbs into segments no longer than 12-feet. 

Please avoid placing debris over water meters and gas meters. Keep the debris pile away from mailboxes, vehicles, trees, power lines and telephone poles. 

The first round of storm debris collection is expected to begin in parts of the City the week of December 7. Crews will only collect tree debris with this special free collection. 

“We want to give residents ample time to get their tree limbs to the curb, so a second round of storm debris collection will take place a few weeks later,” said Solid Waste Superintendent Jim Linn.  

Big junk will still be collected according to the normal schedule. Residents scheduled for big junk collection are required to keep their tree debris separated from their big junk. The piles will be collected by separate crews. Normal bulk waste rules apply, which means no household hazardous waste or items that contain refrigerant.