Pet Responsibility

by admin ~ April 1st, 2014


I’ve been noticing a large amount of pet waste in our common areas that everybody uses. Please be very mindful of picking up after your pet. They can’t do it for you.

Snow Plowing

by admin ~ February 4th, 2014

There has been some communication regarding street plowing in the community. This is something that has been executed in the past and turns out not to be as effective. Beyond being costly to the Association’s budget, there are a few points on why it’s not recommended to remove snow from the community.

-The Association wouldn’t be able to remove all the snow from every street in the community.

-Snow placement after it’s plowed.

-Plowing community streets increases the chance of street damage.

-Lastly, once you’re out of the community that’s plowed, is it safe to be traveling city streets?

It is advised to use your best judgment driving residential streets and to stay home if deemed necessary.

Thank you.

Common Area Trees

by admin ~ January 20th, 2014

Big week for replanting trees in all the common areas in Valencia. If you have noticed white tape wrapped around the trunks, those are the trees that will be replaced.



by admin ~ January 15th, 2014

There has been a high volume of communication regarding street lights (with the black decorative poles) being out. I wanted to post more information for you regarding turning in street lights and give an update on the lights located 178th and Andalucía.

Status of the lights on 178th and Andalucía: There is a new lead order on this job; order# 900679900. OG&E have asked the contractors to try to work this job by this Friday 1-17.

To turn in a repair request: you can call OG&E at 272-9595 or e-mail at I would advise to inquire about the case number for follow up purpose.
Thank you for helping by communicating

Association Dues

by admin ~ January 10th, 2014


Welcome to the New Year.

I just wanted to share some important information with you regarding the 2014 Association Dues, the Associations Landscape Provider, and common communication.

You’ll be receiving your 2014 Association dues shortly; the due date is set for 2/14/2014. Please make payable to Valencia HOA at 1320 North Porter Ave. Norman, OK 73071. You may pay online, but PayPal fees will apply. Your dues cover from January to December 2014.

The Landscape Provider this year is JTS. This is the biggest expense to the HOA and covers a large portion of care to the community. The Landscape Provider is paid 12 months out of the year (like a school teacher) and will be performing working starting this month.

If you have some time please review the meeting minutes posted. It is valuable information to you and your community. You can find the information on the “minutes” tab then “2013 HOA Minutes”.

Thank you and Happy New Year.

November Updates

by admin ~ November 27th, 2013


I wanted to update you on a few items happening in Valencia:

Playground located off of Las Meninas and El Greco has been installed. Next step is to install sod around playground.

Street light repairs; Homeowners are doing a great job reporting street lights that are in need of repair. There are at least four open repairs that OG&E 405.272.9595 currently have including the two located at the NW 178th Entry. If you call in, please provide the best address to expedite repair.

Splash Pad Repair; We have received both cannons back, one is installed and the other is waiting on additional parts. Next item for the splash pad is to repair a few leaky spots and re-seal the joints before next season.

Common Area Trees; if you have noticed white or green tape around common area trees, those trees will either be replaced or trimmed by March 2014.

Collections; the Association continues to work on collecting delinquent dues and filing liens accordingly. The Association will be sending out the 2014 dues in January 2014.

Violations; the Association has been receiving a number of calls regarding dogs barking. If you or your neighbor are experiencing this, please attempt to visit with your neighbor then contact the Association.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving


178th & Andalucía + More Updates

by admin ~ September 30th, 2013

The construction taking place at the intersection of 178th & Andalucía is the City preparing to widen 178th in the future. Once we get more information regarding timelines, we’ll update you.

I also wanted to update the below information:

  1. Crime Prevention: I met with Sergeant Bob Skalla with the Hefner Division and received credible information on crime prevention. The next step is coordinate some meeting times homeowners who are interested in volunteering in a community watch patrol program. You may contact me if you would like for me to put you on the contact list. My contact
  2. Street Maintenance on Andalucía: I posted earlier regarding a pot hole heading south bound on Andalucía. I called OKC Street Maintenance and they informed me it would be by the end of next week.

Thank you.

Post Meeting & Main Points

by admin ~ September 20th, 2013

Thank you for coming out last night to our Annual HOA Event. I have uploaded the meeting minutes from last night’s gathering, it’s the post below this one. Please review and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

I would like to share the three most re-occurring comments that I heard last night and what is being done regarding action items:

  1. Crime Prevention: We had Master Sergeant Bob Skalla with the Hefner division join our gathering last night. He had productive conversations with Homeowners in regards to the recent crime which has taken place in and surrounding communities. He had positive feedback that expressed ways to respond to the behavior and ways to prevent it as well. I am going to meet with Sergeant Bob Skalla on Monday the 23rd to commence on the appropriate steps to implement action items on this matter for Valencia.
  2. Street Maintenance on Andalucía: I have placed a call to the OKC Street Maintenance Department this morning and now waiting on a response.
  3. Pond Debris: I am working with our pond maintenance provider, lawn care provider, and our Valencia Team to tighten the scopes of work to help retrieve debris from pond and all common area. We’ll work on preventative measures for debris pick-up for the remaining of the year and ongoing as well.

Thank you again for attending.

2013 HOA Meeting Minutes

by admin ~ September 20th, 2013

2013 Valencia HOA meeting minutes

Fence & Meeting

by admin ~ September 18th, 2013

Fence – We are making some progress on our fence repair project and appreciate your patience. The goal is to be completed with storm recovery by Friday evening. Then we will asses overall structure and develop a plan for the winter.

Meeting – So far the weather appears to be accommodating.


6 PM

Mostly Cloudy86°Mostly Cloudy

However, if it looks like it’s going to rain (it is Oklahoma right?),  then we will move our gathering to 2116 NW 182nd.